01. What camera do you use?

- Nikon D60

02. What ethnicity are you/Where are you from?

- Filipino / Originally from the Philippines, now residing in TX

03. How old are you?

- 22 years old

04. How tall are you?

- 5’3

05. Are you les or straight?

- I like girls & boys :)

06. What’s your facial routine?

- I use St. Ives Green Tea Scrub & Toner, as a moisturizer I use none. Sometimes I just wash my face with Dove Sensitive Soap ^^

07. What circle lenses are you using in your photos? /Where do you get them?

- EOS Candy Greys, Big DM23 Blues, and EOS Dolly Eye Brown, Princess Mimi Sesame Grey / mycandyeyes.com & pinkyparadise.com

08. What program(s) do you use to edit your photos?

- Photoscape & sometimes I use Adobe

09. How do you make your gifs?

- I use VLC Media Player to capture the images I want and then I use Photoscape to put them all together :)